Wealth Preservation & Transfer

Protect The People And Things You Value The Most

At Prestige Wealth Management, we understand how important Insurance is for your wealth that is why we have a range of Insurance products that can be tailored to your specific needs. Insurance experts not only helps protect you and your family, offers financial peace of mind but also helps you achieve a broad range of financial goals such as transferring wealth to your loved ones and creating your liquidity.

Our Solutions

Your Wealth Advisor together with an Insurance Specialist will work closely with you as part of your financial team to help evaluate your needs and review your insurance portfolio to determine if your insurance coverage is adequate to meet your needs. A change in health, family status, or a change in business plan may indicate the need to review your insurance portfolio. Your Insurance Specialist will also help to review, analyze, monitor your coverage and assist you to adjust your strategy if your personal needs change.

Life insurance is an important tool in protecting and preserving wealth for your family. Protecting your assets and planning for your family’s long-term financial well-being requires on-going focus and commitment. We can assist you to address your current priorities while also planning for future needs.

The right insurance strategy can help you to protect against market fluctuations and help you to accumulate wealth over time. An Insurance Specialist will support you to create an effective plan to set money aside for the future that will allow you to maintain your current lifestyle and that will be consistent with your investment goals, risk tolerance and the amount of time you wish to save

Leaving a legacy is a prudent objective that enables you to bequeath wealth to your family. Using life insurance as a wealth transfer strategy will help clients protect their wealth and pass it to the next generation.

Insurance can help provide easy access to funds in unforeseen circumstances.