Capital Investment Strategy

Priority Access To Real Estate Projects

We help private clients and families enhance their portfolio by supporting their funding of real estate portfolios. These assets are typically in Vietnam and client will benefit from our market knowledge. Clients will have priority access to wide range of real estate projects exclusively sponsored by VPBank. From time to time, clients may also apply for other forms of short to medium term financing. We have a dedicated team of experienced consultants work with private clients to ensure that they have the appropriate levels of debt to support their overall wealth and investment strategy.

“No income” and “No asset verification” loans are available for mortgages and auto loans.

Documents and procedures are processed quickly and easily
Amount & Maximum loan term

  1. Home loans: A wide range of home loan products perfectly tailored to your requirements. Including: Mortgage Loan, Reconstructed, building home
  2. Auto Loan: Getting one step closer to owning your dream car that you deserve.
  3. Others:
  • Loan for raise more capital for business
  • Other PIL
  • Overdraft
  • Simple procedure & Documentation required
  • Fast Handling Process
  • Preferential loan rate.